Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Of musicians, wills and death!

Some lyrics come back to haunt the singers after their deaths. The question would be whether we should use their lyrics as bidding texts, especially when they die intestate. Find out more.

Queen Jane Nyambura: An Obituary

Jane Nyambura, best known by her stage name Queen Jane, passed on in June 2010, but she will not only be remembered as the trendsetter of Kikuyu secular music by women, but also as the voice of the voiceless as well as a preacher for justice and respect. Read more:

One of her most popular songs has been Ndũraga Ngwetereire (I have been waiting for you) captures the anxieties of waiting for a return for a lover who has travelled abroad for studies. It is a subtle comment long-distance relationships, and has recorded over 150,000 hits on Youtube.